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D N Angel Fan Fiction Community

D N Angel Fan Fiction
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Welcome to the D N Angel Fan Fiction Community, open to anything both D N Angel and fan fic related.

I created this community because I couldn't find a community that housed any great collection of fan fiction, and the only alternative is digging through Fanfiction.net.

So this is my attempt at trying to create a LJ database of D N Angel fan fiction. In this community you can post your own fan fic, recommend other people's fic, and just generally discuss fan fiction of all different sorts.

You can also use this community to ask questions related to canon points in your fan fiction, to ask people's opinions of a plot bunny you have, or to throw your newly thought up plot to the masses and yell 'HERE YOU GO! FIND THE HOLES!'

You may also request beta readers, offer beta reading services, give up a plot bunny, ask for a plot bunny, ask for help with a plot bunny...

Basically you can do anything so long as it relates to D N Angel fan fiction, and follows the community rules.

These rules are?

-When posting a link to your own fan fic, or reccing someones, you must follow this format:

And a link to the fan fic. If posting the fic directly to the community, you must post behind a LJ cut if it goes over 300 words.
Also, if you're reccing someone elses, include the author.
This helps people find stories they like, and also helps me when I add stories to the memories.

-No flaming. This community is open to fan fiction of any type, and discussion of any type of fic. If you have a problem with a certain pairing or rating, just don't read the fic and/or the post discussing it. If you spot something that the author could improve, use constructive criticism to point it out to them. People generally like being told that they have a typo in their work so that they can fix it. Having themselves or their work insulted by someone is generally not regarded in the same way.

-Posts must have something to do with fan fiction, general questions about the anime or manga can be asked at any of the general D N Angel communities, like dnangelfans or dn_angel_fans

-You cannot repeat posts. Meaning that while you can post a link to your story, and about any further updates of your story, questions about it, so on and so forth, you cannot post the same link to your story over and over just to try and generate more comments/reviews. Repeat posts will be deleted.

-Anything R rated or above is to be posted behind a LJ cut. This is not just for the actual fic, any discussion that a child could stumble upon must have a warning and be behind a cut.

-Posts longer then 300 words must go behind a LJ cut. If people think this number is too small or too large, complain to me and I'll change it, so long as whoever complains has the support of a number of people.

-Proper grammar and spelling to the best of your abilities when posting a fan fic. No one's going to jump you for a few errors, but if you write in net-speak you will be told politely to fix it. No one likes seeing fan fics riten liek dis, evn if u tink its kool

Why are you doing this?

Because I want to create an easily searchable database of D N Angel fan fiction. The easily searchable part will come when I sort through entries and add them to different categories in the memories, based on character, pairing, rating, etc.