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Fan Fiction: Undissolved Completely [22 Dec 2009|12:25pm]

[ mood | refreshed ]

Title:Undissolved Completely Genre:Romance, comedy, supernatural Rating:PG-13 Character Pairings:DaisukexRiku, SatoshixRisa Warnings:Continuation from anime with minor changes from the manga. Disclaimers:I do not own DNAngel nor any of its characters or components.All belongs to Sugisaki Yukiru. Summary:This is basically a continuation of the anime.I couldn't do the manga b/c it's still ongoing.Anyways,I started it from one week later since the last episode and Risa is dealing with really letting go of Dark and the continuing fresh romance of DaisukexRiku.Plus,there is a NEW couple only at the brink of love. *wink wink* Author's Note:The first part is short but there'll be more.Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.However,this is still the beginning and there's plenty to expect!Please R&R! Part 1- “Renewed" X-DAISUKE’S POV-X     “Dai!Hold on a minute!”     I heard mom calling me back.I paused at the door and waited for her to show up with a bag of the chocolate chip cookies she‘d just baked. “What’s this mom?”     “Oh,well,” she smiled. “You ARE going to the Harada Twins’ residence,aren’t you?”     “Um,yeah...But why do I have to take cookies with me?”     “For Risa now.It would be nice if this could cheer her up.It’s been a week since...” the cheerful smile faded from her face.     I didn’t have to wait for her to finish. “...Thanks mom.“ I took the bag,tied with a silky pink ribbon,and made my way out of the house.As I walked down the driveway and to the road,I suddenly felt depressed.I reached in the pocket of my jeans and pulled out a dark feather so black it seemed purple.     “I only kept this feather...as a memory of him.” I said to myself.I remembered how I’d found it in my room that day...the day he’d returned to Black Wings.I knew I promised myself I wouldn’t get so down because he would usually be the one to tell me to suck it up.Still...it was too early to be happy and normal like usual.Only a week had passed and his leaving was still fresh in my mind.I knew I would never forget Dark Mousy though.Never.Not even in another forty years.     I arrived at the Harada residence and rang the doorbell.Now I thought about seeing Miss Harada and giving her these cookies.Was I really the right person for this?After all,I liked Riku.Would it be weird?Or would it just be a friendly gesture?We WERE friends and she definitely wouldn’t take it any other way...would she?     The chestnut double doors opened and it was their caretaker.     “Oh,it’s you Niwa-san.” He stepped aside. “Please come in.”     “Uh,thanks.” I passed through the threshhold and walked into the spacious mansion house.     “Niwa?”     I looked up at the grand staircase straight ahead,hearing her voice and recognizing it almost immediately. “R-Riku...”     “Eh...” she seemed to turn red at her own name. “W-what are you doing here Niwa?”     I glanced at the bag of cookies again. “Well,I originally came here to see you but...my mom thought I should cheer Miss Harada up with some sweets...You know,since Dark...”     “...Oh.” She came down the steps at her own pace. “Well Risa‘s-”     “Niwa.”     I whipped my head around and was a little surprised to find Hiwatari behind me.Miss Harada stood at his side with a brighter expression than I expected to see her with. “Huh?Hiwatari-kun what are you doing here?”     “Just thought I’d visit...since I have more idle time on my hands.” he replied,adjusting his glasses. “And I suppose you’re here to see Riku-san?”     I nodded. “Yeah...Oh,but...” I walked up to Miss Harada and handed her the bag.     She glanced at it confusedly. “What is this for Niwa-kun?”     “My mom.” I said. “Cookies would cheer you up...you know...” I hesitated to say it,but I went on. “...because of Dark gone.”     Miss Harada took the bag as I dropped it into her hands. “...Oh...Dark...”     “Risa...” Riku made a sympathetic face as she reached the last step of the staircase.     She gently squeezed the cookies in her palm,careful not to crush them. “It’s just fine...because I know Mr.Dark has to go away in order to save us.Just knowing that...I can go on.”     “Well,that’s very mature of you Risa.” said Riku,sounding proud. “Even though you already let him go before...it’s great you’re holding out strongly!”      “...“ She looked up and smiled. “Yeah.”     I scratched my head and smiled as well. “I’m sure my mom’ll be glad to hear that when I get home!”     Miss Harada looked at me with those big brown eyes identical to Riku’s. “Thank you Niwa-kun.You and mother Niwa-san.”     “Er...” I blushed. “...You’re welcome Miss Harada-san.It‘s just our friendly condolences!”     She smiled again,more brightly.Then she turned to Hiwatari. “Come on Hiwatari-kun.You can come with me to my room.Riku and Niwa-kun would want to be alone now.”         “...All right.” He made no second glance back as the both of them went on upstairs,passing a blushing Riku.I didn’t realize it,but I had the same red face.     “Uh,so Riku...” I said,not sure what to do.     “Y-yes?” She seemed quick to reply.     I hesitated.I ended up being honest,but timid as well. “Um...I didn‘t really plan on doing anything here...I only really wanted to see you.”     She turned a brighter shade of red than before.Quickly,she turned her head away. “Do you want to go out somewhere Niwa-kun?”     I froze.Was she was suggesting a date? “Uh,sure.Anywhere you want to go.”     “That’s great.” Slowly,she pulled her head back around so I could see her face again.She walked up to me and grabbed my hand,slipping it into hers.Then she pulled me along to the door out. “Let’s just go now!”     “O-o-okay!” I let her lead the way out,stuttering at the sudden physical contact that made me nervous all of a sudden.     The caretaker met us outside this time,polishing a decorative glass ornament hung at the front of the house. “Miss Riku-sama,Niwa-san,are you going out?”     “Yes,but we won’t need a ride today.” She passed him. “We’ll walk.”     “Uh,thanks anyway!” I was polite.     He waved at us as we went along to leave. “Be careful then you two!Come back safely Miss Riku!”     “I will!” She waved back,assuring him no worry.     As for me,I was still flustered.My hand...was holding Riku’s! X-SATOSHI’S POV-X     I followed Harada-san up the wide stairs,making a short left turn when we reached the top,to her bedroom.Behind me,I left Niwa and Harada-ane behind me,politely not disturbing anything between them.     “So,this is my room Hiwatari-kun.We should stay in here while Riku and Niwa-kun stay together downstairs.” Harada-san welcomed me with a smile.     I studied the feminine room around me.The queen-sized bed against one pinkish wall and stuffed animals in an arrangement on the bed.The carpet matched the walls,only a shade darker.The theme and the furniture...it was easy to tell this was a female’s room...I breathed in a sweet scent,confirming something mentally.This wasn’t just any girl’s room...it was Harada-san’s. “It suits you.”     “Oh...thank you.” She glanced at me with a wonderous expression. “It’s one thing that says I’m different from Riku.It’s our styles.”     I nodded.She’d stated the obvious...I glanced over at her desk set by a clear window.I noticed cards were scattered across the surface,recognizing them immediately. “You really do like tarot card reading.”     “Hmm?” She looked to see what I was talking about. “Oh,the tarot!I love doing tarot!It‘s a hobby of mine.”     “Are you any good?” I asked curiously.     She made a face. “Well...I wouldn’t say I was proffessional...but I‘m not so bad either.”     “Do you mind if you do a reading for me?”     Harada-san lit up,looking rather eager. “Sure!I love reading others!” She went to her desk and gathered her cards,stacking them together neatly.Patiently,I waited as she shuffled them four different ways.Then she sat down and began arranging the cards in a certain formation. “I’ll do a future reading for you.”     “...Then you will be foretelling what I am to expect ahead of me.” I made sure,watching observantly.     She nodded. “Yes.It’s the one I’m best at.”     As I watched her,she seemed to concentrate intently on the cards.Her eyebrows pulled together and a frown was set upon her small face.With that,I could already tell she was serious about her tarot reading.This was the first time I’d seen her expression like this.I never realized that I was staring at her for a long period that it had to be counted as a gaze.     “Ready?” She looked up at me with her big chocolate brown eyes,stirring something that I couldn’t explain in my heart.She instantly noticed that I had my eyes fixated on her with a single look.Her expression changed to one of surprise and her face changed a shade of pink. “Uh...H-Hiwatari-kun...”     I blinked. “...Sorry.Go on.”     Her expression changed again,but the pink still visible. “Right.” She took a deep breath and turned over the first card. “...Magician.That means you’ll be given an idea or mental image of whatever it is you want.It could be a job,an answer to your problems...anything.”     I thought on this.Whatever it is I want...I wonder...     “Next,” She went and turned over the next card. “...It’s...” She seemed to turn red all of a sudden on her face. “L-Lovers...You will realize love soon...and you won’t be able to move on with your life without that certain person who will touch your heart...uh...” She turned over the last card,the third,without waiting. “Finally,The Chariot.It indicates new inspiration or motivation.That‘s all.” She glanced at me again. “So do you have any idea what the reading connects to in your life?”     I contemplated on this.Magician,Lovers,and The Chariot...All I could really be sure of was that all of this would be a new beginning to my life.It would be different now without all the weight of the Hikari curse on my shoulders. “...I can’t be sure,can’t I?It’s the future after all Harada-san.”     She nodded. “You’re right.”     “Thanks for the reading.” I expressed gratitude verbally. “If you’re right,then I have to say you are good at tarot.”     “...Thank you Hiwatari-kun.” She showed me a clean smile.Again,I noticed her large brown eyes.They actually were identical to Harada-ane’s...but there was something about them that made hers different from her twin sister’s.The slightest twinkle could make the difference.     “Um,Hiwatari-kun...” Harada-san said,staring at me now with scrutinizing eyes.I hadn't even noticed. “...can you take off your glasses for a minute?     I was a tad surprised. “Hmm?What for?It won’t make a difference.”     “Just...please,for a moment?”     I hesitated.I didn’t see any harm though,so I reached up and pulled off the glasses from my face.My sight didn’t improve or worsen,since I had no actual need for the lens.Instead,I just felt that my face felt lighter.     As for Harada-san,she had on that wonderous look on her face again as she studied me.It tempted me to be curious.What was she thinking?     “Hiwatari-kun...you look better without your glasses.” She said. “You should get contact lens if your eyesight is really bad.”     I felt the frame of my glasses in my hand as I squeezed them ever so gently. “I don’t need them.I’m just used to wearing these glasses.That’s why I wear them.”     Her reaction was quite surprised. “You mean all that time at school you never needed them?”     I shook my head in response.     “Mmm,but I’d love to see Hiwatari-kun without glasses for a whole day!” She smiled.     As I slid my glasses back on,I was taken aback.Did it really matter to appearance if my glasses were on or off?     “Oh!” She dropped the bag of cookies Niwa had given her on the floor.Quickly,she scooped them back up and placed them on her lap. “Good.I want to save these cookies...”     “You’re not going to eat them?” I questioned.     She shook her head. “No.Just looking at them makes me feel better...because it’s the thought that really matters.”     I was silent for a moment.Then I spoke again. “Do you really miss Dark?”     “Huh?” Harada-san looked surprised that I was asking this question. “Dark?Well...”     I waited to listen.     “...I guess...I guess I’ll miss seeing him around and knowing...that he’s out there somewhere.” She said with a flat,yet sad,expression. “But...I really am fine.Just the same as everyone else.”     Hearing those words in that kind of tone...it only made me wonder whether she was speaking the truth or not.     “I think it’s strange...”     I could tell it was a change of topic she was aiming for now.     “...of you Hiwatari-kun.” She finished. “You know,you’re usually non-social and distant.You‘re different today.You‘ve been different all week.The air seems lighter around you and your aura doesn‘t give off such a dark feeling.It‘s almost as if...you‘ve changed.Not completely,but...you‘re just different.”     “I have changed Harada-san.” I said,admitting the truth.I looked out to the clear blue sky out the window in front of me. “My explanation...I just feel free now,if that makes any sense.”     “If that’s the case,it shocked me when you came here today.I never expected Hiwatari-kun to come out for a friendly visit.”     “That’s the thing about this world.You never expect the unexpected.”     “But,” She finished. “I...like the new you.”     From the corner of my left eye,I could look at her sparkling image in the sun streaming in from the outside.

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First Post and Ficcage [07 Jul 2009|08:36pm]


Title: Kyouson
Genre: General / Friendship
Rating: K+
Pairings: DaiRiku, SatoRisa, mostly onesided RisaDark
Summary:  When Daisuke accidentally activates an artwork that grants desires, both he and Satoshi will have to deal with the consequences.  They've both got unexpected new tenants.

Chapter one - A Warning about DesireCollapse )
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Fic: Masquerade [12 Jun 2009|12:46am]


Title: Masquerade
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Krad/Dark
Warnings: m/m Slash. Very slight AU
Disclaimers: I don’t own D.N. Angel. Awww, that makes me sad too. :(

Summary: Krad hosts a masquerade ball to lure Dark out. Not much else really. PWP.
A/N: I’m extracting and backing this up from my ff.net account. I corrected grammar mistakes and changed a few words. Nothing major. I hope you guys like it, and if you’ve read it from my ff.net account before (wow 5 years already?!), hope you still enjoy it. I still consider this one of my better works to date.


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[08 Jan 2009|04:56pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Title: Peace Offering
Genres: Friendship/Romance
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Satoshi/Daisuke, hinted Krad/Dark if you squint
Spoilers/Warning: Slash!, Fluff, drunkenness
Disclaimer: D.N.Angel belongs to Sugisaki Yukiru.
A/N: Here's the second lil' drabble promised. Would love to hear your thoughts! Oh and I've already posted this on my ff.net account, same with the other fic I just posted here just so you's all know! :D (keisan on ff.net fyi).

Summary: Short drabble; implying a one-shot. Lil' fic at Christmas time; Dark has a peace offering for his 'enemy'.

Peace OfferingCollapse )

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[08 Jan 2009|04:44pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello all! Here with a couple of Christmas-y fics that are sort of late but I only wrote them like yesterday so lol... Anyway, they're just wee little drabbles... and on the fluffy side at that. :D

Title: Long Time Coming
Genres: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Satoshi/Daisuke
Spoilers/Warning: FLUFF!!! Slash obviously, and on the AU-ish side I suppose...
Disclaimer: D.N.Angel belongs to its makers, and alas, I am not one them. :'(

Summary: "Satoshi had finally gotten fed up after years of pining for the red haired boy..." Again, just a lil' drabble, nothing too intense... Maybe call it a get-together. Enjoy and comments are loved!!! ;)

Long Time ComingCollapse )

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fic [19 Feb 2008|05:38pm]

Wrote this over three years ago.  Thankfully my writing has improved since then.  Still, Krad and Satoshi are always fun.  Hope you enjoy!

Title: Whispers of Insanity
Fandom: D.N.Angel
Pairings/Characters: Krad/Satoshi
Word Count: 2087
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Behind closed doors, that whisper murmured ever so lovingly into his ear to jump, jump, jump!—jump, my precious one, jump! And, perhaps, someday he would. 

He would never love you like I do, my precious Satoshi-sama.  He would never catch you.

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finished! [09 Jan 2008|11:31pm]

I previously posted a short, two out of three part story called "Pretty When You Cry."

I realized that I hadn't updated it in nearly a year and decided to open that dusty little 'Word file and give the story an overhaul and, finally, an ending.

Here you go: Pretty When You Cry, a mistake in three parts


Title: Pretty When You Cry
Summary: Satoshi always makes mistakes in threes.
Disclaimer: No. I don’t own DN Angel or VAST. Or any lyrics that’ll be contained within the next chapters. Satoshi/Daisuke pairing—thus, boys kiss.

Part I
Part II
Part III
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Hi! I'm new! [12 Mar 2007|01:00am]

...but not new to D.N.Angel. X3 I'm Marina! I was really into it when I was 11 years old [that was like... 7 years ago. O_O] and it had not been translated yet, so I had to read all the old translations, like from Offramp! I lost interest in anime/manga two years ago, but guess what brought me back. :3

My favorite character [not only in D.N.Angel but in anime/manga PERIOD] is Krad. :D I really don't know what sets him apart from the other manga-psychos that aren't my favorite. But recently since my new obsession, I've cast a new light of appreciation on Satoshi.

Okay, I do have a fic. I promise.

Good Evening, Gentlemen
Fandom: D.N.Angel, AU-ish
Pairings: Dark/Krad, Krad/Satoshi, Dark/Daisuke, Satoshi/Daisuke, et.al.
Rated: NC-17; sex, graphic violence, drug use, general surreality and weirdness
Summary: Night after night, a party for each. A different hat, a different tie, different sets of laughter, new faces, new drinks, colorful lights--electric, eyes, hands, clothes, diamonds, pearls, teeth, breasts--

Every experience, a blur; blues and whites and yellows and greens run together to form brown and then black and then bleach white, a blank memory.

You'd think it gets old.

But it doesn't.

Author's NotesCollapse )

One: StrangersCollapse )
Two: Hell Above WaterCollapse )
Three: Chinese BurnCollapse )

Note: The stories' chapters are themed from certain songs. The lyrics are linked with the title. This fic has a soundtrack and it's recommended that you download the song or ask Marina for it. It works a lot better.
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1/1 - One Night - Sat/Dai [29 Jan 2007|08:43pm]

Summary: Satoshi/Diasuke / When Satoshi corners Daisuke alone at the museum, he makes the most of the promise Krad gave him. One night with Daisuke: without Krad interfering. Will Krad resist temptation and keep his promise? Slash, Creepy Krad, etc.!

* * *

Hope you enjoy it.

“One Night”

Disclaimer: DN Angel belongs to
Summery: Satoshi/Diasuke / When Satoshi corners Daisuke alone at the museum, he makes the most of the promise Krad gave him. One night with Daisuke: without Krad interfering. Will Krad resist temptation and keep his promise? Slash, Creepy Krad, etc.!
Rating: NC-17!! SLASH implied! Under-aged.
A/N: Pretty much, don’t flame… 2nd DN Angel fiction; hope its ok. Also I’m not too good with the honorific, so please excuse if I get those wrong. And, I promised this aggggges ago so it’s probably gone through a name-change since “Weekend”. “Lagolith Art Museum” is taken from Volume4.


Words: 1,897
One Night

Thanks for reading. Please review?
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Bunch 'o fics. [14 Jan 2007|12:06pm]

I've been writing on DNAngel, more specifically Dark/Krad, thanks to the plot bunnies provided by 30_quills. I thought that I might as well share them, so here I go.

Click this link for the archive of all the DNAngel fics I've written till now. And, uh... enjoy?
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Hey there... [26 Dec 2006|12:05pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hello, I'm a newbie! I love reading DNAngel yaoi lemon...can anyone tell me a good story on that? Yay for yaoi lemon! ^^

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Fanfiction: The Embrace Of Wings [23 Dec 2006|11:17am]

Title: The Embrace Of Wings
Genres: Angst/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Dark/Krad, mentionings of the general Hikari & Niwa families
Spoilers/Warning: None really; it's Semi-AU. As for warnings: it's shounen-ai. Queasy? Don't read.
Disclaimer: D.N.Angel belongs to Sugisaki Yukiru.
A/N: I am lazy, so I didn't bother to think about what their conflict from long ago could be. Maybe I'll think of one next time. ^^"

Summary: [One Shot] [AU-ish] 300 years is more than ample time for a misunderstanding to breed and multiply until all details are blurred, leaving only hatred. However, one angel realizes that it is time for it to end... because the Light and the Darkness can never be separated.
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Fic: Fogged Perception, Epilogue (NC-17, D.N. Angel, Krad/Satoshi & Satoshi/Daisuke) [15 Dec 2006|11:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

For the original story, go here: Fogged Perception.

Title: Fogged Perception, Epilogue
Author: Yami no Kaiba
Fandom: D.N.Angel
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Krad/Satoshi, Satoshi/Daisuke

Summary: Satoshi may have done something extreme, but he can't remember what. Krad, however, remembers everything.
Disclaimers: I do not own the characters or the concepts of D.N.Angel. Yukiru Sugisaki owns them.
Warning: Satoshi does things that are not to be considered healthy. And Krad is as insane as I always depict him.


The greatest of geniuses are also the greatest of fools.Collapse )

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[15 Dec 2006|06:24pm]

I didn't see anything in the rules saying this wasn't allowed, so here I go.

This is an ad for the comm Angels_Embrace. It's yaoi/yuri fic comm. However, we will put up challenges for all members and you will have a chance to win 1st place or one of the three runner up spots.
If this doesn't suit you, you can just post your fanfics without having them in the competition.
^_^ I hope to see some of the wonderful writers that I have seen here over at this comm.

~ Becca

P.S If this is not allowed, please delete.
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new fic that has nothing to do with my little series! [17 Nov 2006|11:50am]

[ mood | curious ]

Title: Shades Of
Rating: G/mild PG
Summary: In order to save the pieces, one must create a whole thing to keep the pieces safe. Maybe it won't be that difficult to have him, after all.

For the life of me, I really can't explain where this fic came from.

I really can't.

the end is comingCollapse )

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Fanfiction: Fall [16 Nov 2006|11:32am]

Title: Fall
Genres: Angst/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Dark/Harada Riku, Niwa Daisuke/Harada Riku, one-sided Harada Risa/Dark and mentionings of Krad
Spoilers/Warning: None really, considering it's Semi-AU.
Disclaimer: D.N.Angel belongs to Sugisaki Yukiru.
A/N: This was written prior to watching the anime ending of D.N.Angel, so it differs from the anime (and personally, I felt that Krad and Dark's end was quite abrupt). This story also plays on some aspects on the manga, namely that Dark likes Riku. Special thanks to fat for beta-reading!

Summary: [One Shot] [AU-ish] The Black Wings was about to be sealed and there was no way for him to return again. All this time, she had not known... but he was going to confess. Even if it meant being destroyed.
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incredibly un-beta'd [09 Nov 2006|09:39pm]

Title: Pretty When You Cry (part two of three)
Characters/Pairings: Satoshi, Daisuke, Dark, Krad. Sat/Dai
Rating: PG (for the shonen-ai, implied violence)
Disclaimer: I don't own DN Angel or the affiliated characters, and I definitely don't own the Dido lyrics.

Part One

Beware! From beyond here lies angst.

would you be wise enough to let me go?Collapse )
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Sweet Dreams Dark/Riku Fanfiction [15 Oct 2006|01:30pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Sweet Dreams
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Dark/Riku

(Click the fake-cut to the story)

x-posted at various places.

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This is your captain speaking... [14 Oct 2006|05:21pm]

After months of delay because I'm a slacker, all the memories have been updated. If you've posted fics to the community, you might want to check the memories to make sure that your fic is sorted into the correct categories.

Comment in this post if there are any mistakes or concerns.

Thank you,

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[07 Oct 2006|11:22am]

[ mood | cold ]

I'm currently selling the first three DN Angel DVDs in the series...Collapse )

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